Software Development life cycle has several phases. The process of software development includes Requirements phase, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance. Maintenance is the last stage of the software development life cycle. The term “software maintenance” is used to understand the software engineering actions that take place during the progress of software. Typically, the development of software takes 1 to 2 years, while maintenance phase spans 5 to 10 years.
Pipedata-Pro evolving over more than two decades it has been optimised into what we have now. Designed to run on Microsoft platforms it over time needs to be adjusted to work on the latest systems and also kept up-to-date with the prevailing ASME standards. For the preceding five years Zeataline has operated an optional maintenance system where users get all the latest updates with no additional cost other than paying a regular annual fee.
Development and maintenance have levelled out and users can pay up to two years subscriptions with no significant changes to the software. With this in mind Zeataline has decided to withdraw (during the latter part of 2017) the maintenance system and offer solely the upgrade system with free minor and mini updates and pay-for major upgrades the overall upgrade policy is here. All users with maintenance agreements in place will be able to take advantage of the privileges under the maintenance system until the end of 2018.
Pipedata-Pro 12 series is designed to be resilient on planned releases of Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as remaining compatible back to Windows XP and earlier. Like its predecessors, the current Pipedata-Pro is bought by major corporations as well as small businesses, individual designers and engineers. Not already tried it? Use the link below.