The Pipedata name has been around since 1996, when it was first applied to the famous Pipedata-Pro. Since then it's blossomed into one of the go-to names in the piping industry with large corporations and individuals appreciating the Pipedata hallmarks of accuracy and up-to date relevant information. The prestige of the Pipedata badge helps too - with a heritage that goes right back to the start of the PC age.

This version is the most affordable yet, - it is free!, and it borrows plenty of its technology from Pipedata-Plus. It borrows some styling features from that App too, as well from Pipedata-Pro, to the point where you might find it difficult to distinguish between the three versions unless you're close up on a serious job.

The technology is Pipedata's big selling point though, best ever high resolution dynamic graphics mixed with real-world strengths, such as impressive ease of use and dawn of operation.

Based on the latest ASME piping dimensional specifications it shows metric and US customary units and includes audited valve weights, flange weights and all piping component weights.

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