The Rental Agreement provides the following services:

  • Includes All Pipedata Pro upgrades, additions and enhansments
  • Priority end user e-mail support directly with Zeataline Projects Limited

Pipedata Pro is periodically upgraded to remain compliant with new versions of component specifications and manufactured weights. The software is also kept compatible with operating system advances.


ZEATALINE agrees to rent out software (The ZEATALINE software product, later called "The Product") to The Customer on the conditions outlined below. This agreement shall follow ZEATALINE's License Agreement and Software Maintenance Agreement.

This agreement allows a time limited use of The Product. ZEATALINE is, regardless of rental time, the sovereign owner of The Product. The Customer can install and use The Product only according to the terms outlined in the License Agreement. ZEATALINE can terminate or change The Agreement on 12 months' notice.

The Product can be installed on The Customer's computers, or on computers hosted by third party. The Customer can not rent, lease or sell The Product to a third party, neither sell nor offer The Product as a hosted service. The Customer may not transfer this Agreement to anyone.

The Customer can at the earliest terminate The Agreement after 3 months. If The Customer decides to terminate the agreement, ZEATALINE must be notified in writing, with 14-days prior notice, sent by email directly to ZEATALINE (

ZEATALINE has the right to automatically collect information about the use of the Product through mechanisms implemented in the software, in order to control that The Product is used in accordance with The Agreement. The customer may, for the same purpose, be required to participate in a manual Software Asset Management review process once per year.

All computers using the Product must have Internet access for license activation and automatic periodical license validation.


The rental fee is based upon the value of the Product on ZEATALINE's current recommended end user pricelist. ZEATALINE may increase the rental fee once annually by maximum 5% according to the then current pricelist.

The Customer shall pay 1 months of rent immediately when this Agreement is signed. This payment covers the first month of rent.

The Customer shall pay monthly in advance, rent to ZEATALINE or to a Certified ZEATALINE reseller. The payment is due prior to the startup date of The Agreement. If the rent is not paid in due time, ZEATALINE has the right to terminate The Agreement immediately, and The Customer is obliged to follow the procedures described in The Agreement to stop using and deleting The Product.

If The Customer wants to restart The Agreement, 1 months rent must be paid before The Agreement is valid on the same conditions. The Customer is not allowed to install and/or use The Products until ZEATALINE has received the payment in full.


The Customer is obliged to do the following if this Agreement is terminated, for whatever reason:

  • Stop all use of The Product.
  • Delete all installed and stored versions of The Product on any media.
  • Confirm in writing or email ( to ZEATALINE that these two points have been executed and fulfilled.

ZEATALINE will, by termination of The Agreement, immediately stop The Customer's unrestricted access to The Product.

If The Customer still continues to use, or fails to fulfil The Agreement, ZEATALINE shall have the right to invoice The Customer for the full value of The Product, according to the then current ZEATALINE pricelist. ZEATALINE has the right to implement and execute automatic routines to stop unlicensed use of The Product.


The Customer can add licenses to The Agreement at any time, and remove licenses after the first six months of rental. The new software value will be calculated from the day of delivery and invoiced on the next monthly payment.

During the rental period, The Customer shall have the right to download and use all new builds, hotfixes and versions of the software in the Agreement according to the Maintenance Agreement. The Customer shall also receive support according to the Maintenance Agreement.