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Currency Options

1 - 4 users
5 - 9 users
10 - 24 users
25 - 49 users
50 - 99 users
100 - 199 users
200 - 499 users

When an order is for three or more users a network license is automatically provided for optional use. For example if a 10 user license is bought, these can be installed as 10 stand alone licenses or using the network license allows 10 concurrent users from any number of Pipedata-Pro installations.

Maintenance Option
Pipedata-Pro is periodically upgraded to remain compliant with new versions of component specifications and manufactured weights. The software is also kept compatible with operating system advances. You can always stay up to date with a maintenance contract it is less hassle and at 20 percent of the initial purchase price, lower cost than normal upgrading.

Global license
This license is the same as a network license but extended globally and unlimited and can include subsidiaries (more than 50 percent shareholding) but not affiliated companies (less than 50 percent shareholding). Global licenses cost $20,000 USD.

"I would certainly endorse Pipedata-Pro"

Clive Osborn, Chevron Corporation

"You have a great product with unlimited potential"

Steve Macintyre, Single Buoy Moorings