When you buy a copy of Pipedata-Pro, you will get Minor updates free. Minor updates are updates of which the first version number has not changed. So if you buy Pipedata-Pro 6.x, you can update to any other version 6.x free of charge.

Minor and in some cases Mini, where to third number has changed, cover any changes that we would like to add immediately and have not been scheduled for the next major revision.


Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the first version number. So an upgrade from 6.x to 7.0 is a major upgrade. Major upgrades usually have a significant amount of improvements and new features. Therefore, you will have to pay an upgrade fee if you want to take advantage of a major upgrade. The fee is approximately 66 per cent of the initial purchase price.

However, the previous version will remain available for those who purchased it in the past and feel no need to upgrade. You will never be forced to upgrade. You will still be entitled to technical support if you continue to use the previous version. However, you will not receive any further upgrades with improvements or new features. And if you originally bought 5.x, you can still buy the 7.x upgrade even if you did not buy the 6.x upgrade.

If a major upgrade is released less than three months after you've purchased Pipedata Pro, you will be entitled to receive the major upgrade free of cost.

Major upgrades are issued approximately eighteen months apart and installation is simple. Remember you don't have to upgrade, your existing software will still run.

Pipedata-Pro release 12.2.05

" Pipedata-Pro 12.2.05 onwards there is a link in the software where you can ‘Check for Updates’ and see if you are using the latest release. If a new release is available the revisions within it are explained so you can decide whether to update or not. You don’t have to upgrade you can always wait until a new release has a feature you would like to use. "